The purpose of this agreement is to formally express the mutual wish of MGU and JISIASR to develop collaborative teaching, research and exchanges between students, teachers, researchers and staff. This is a legally non-binding agreement which outlines an intention to promote collaboration between the above mentioned institutions. This document would be followed by a Memorandum of Agreement specifying the areas of collaboration and sharing.

MGU and JISIASR, have agreed for institutional collaboration in education and research. The primary objective is to promote interaction and collaboration between faculty, staff and students of the two institutions through visits and exchange programmes, carry out joint academic and interdisciplinary research in the fields of Polymeric materials, Biomaterials, Materials Science, and Tissue engineering, implants, bio-sensors, joint supervision of doctoral and masters students, on a reciprocal basis. This document presents a general framework for such a relationship. It also includes some specifically identified areas of cooperation, which may be updated from time to time.