Abhishek Ray



Centre for Data Science

Email: abhishek@jisiasr.org, abhishekraymath@gmail.com

M.Stat, Indian Statistical Institute(2017)

B.Stat(Hons), Indian Statistical Institute(2014)

Professional Engagements:

2019 – Present: Faculty Associate, JIS Institute of Advanced Studies and Research Kolkata.


2017-2019: Data Scientist, Business Consultancy Services, Gurugram

Research Topics:

Social Network Analysis, Psychometry, Identity Economics, Credit Scoring, Information Diffusion

Research Focus:

Conformism and anti-conformism are well-studied phenomenon in an anonymous network. The introduction of non-anonymity in the graph structures brings into relevance graph theoretic considerations apart from the game theoretic ones. The research focus includes:


  1. Studying graph theoretic structures like the Nested Split Graph in this context.

This requires an analysis of the properties associated with such Random Graph Models.

  1. Randomization of the process of network formation

The inferential methods will see a change when randomization is taken into account in this regard.


  1. Studying applications of such concepts in Behavioral Finance

This involves the application of Social Network Analysis in Finance.


 Journal Publications:

  1. Interlinkage Between Psychological and Network Characteristics: Abhishek Ray, Koushiki Sarkar, Diganta Mukherjee; Studies in Microeconomics, SAGE
  2. Impact of Social Networks on Financial Decisions: Abhishek Ray, Koushiki Sarkar, Diganta Mukherjee; Studies in Microeconomics, SAGE
  3. Interplay of Identity and Social Network: A Methodological and Empirical Study: Abhishek Ray, Anirban Ghatak, Diganta Mukherjee, Social Network Analytics, Elsevier


Jagadish Bose National Science Talent Search(2012)


  1. 27th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory(2016), Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University
  2. Event in UCL, LLN, Belgium(2014), Center for Operations Research and Econometrics