MSc in Medical Biotechnology and Bioinformatics


The call of technological expertise in both academic and industry sectors of health science can only be ever-increasing. On one hand, there is a continuous need for biotechnological developments, especially for direct medical applications. Simultaneously, the advent of newer technologies asks for powerful bioinformatic solutions on how to extract, tackle, analyze and visualize the biologically meaningful data for subsequent research and industrial applications. This scenario puts qualified bioinformatics professionals, especially the ones with expertise of analyzing medical biotechnology data, are in high demand for top-salary jobs worldwide.

Keeping in view the above, JIS Institute of Advanced Studies and Research has started the Centre For Health Science and Technology(CHeST) which offers


  • MSc in Medical Biotechnology and Bioinformatics


Program objective:The first and foremost objective of our MSc program in Medical Biotechnology & Bioinformatics to offer the students a solid foundation on all different aspects of biotechnology, computational biology and bioinformatics applications in health and medicine. Keeping in mind that students could be from diverse streams and with little or no exposure of either biology or computational analysis, the entire first semester is designed to provide a clear conceptual understanding of biochemistry of macromolecules, cell and molecular biology, molecular and cellular biophysics, molecular evolution, structural bioinformatics, probability and statistics, along with an exposure to programming languages.

Eligibility:BSc (with minimum 50% marks or equivalent CGPA) in any field of Biological Sciences, Physics and Chemistry.

Course Details