Video Surveillance and Understanding

JIS-IASR works on video surveillance with its understanding. We use ultra-modern deep learning techniques for this.

We mostly work on the followings:

• Automation of various stages of video surveillance
• Segmentation
• Localization
• Object detection
• Tracking of moving objects
• Making of automated interpretation
• Making of automated decisions

Forensics and Biometrics

JIS-IASR works on forensics and biometrics studies related to handwriting and eye. The handwriting analysis comes under behavioural biometrics, whereas the eye-image analysis is physical biometrics. We also work on face recognition. We use cutting-edge machine learning technologies for our research on forensics and biometrics.

Writer Verification and Identification:
Writer verification is a task used to authenticate a given document whether it is written by a certain individual or not. In writer identification, the goal is to match the writers to their handwriting specimens.

Idiosyncrasy Analysis:
The idiosyncratic handwriting interprets individual eccentricities in penning a character. The idiosyncrasy analysis helps is handwriting inspection.

Struck-out/Crossed-out Stroke Analysis:
Crossed-out/Struck-out strokes also infers crucial information regarding the writer. We also use such information for handwriting inspection.

Cognitive Analysis:
This centre works on cognitive analysis of reading and writing.

Eye Biometrics:
The eye biometrics is a strong biometric analysis. This centre mostly perform research with Sclera and Irish.

Face Recognition:
This centre works on face recognition, which is also a strong physical biometric.