Retinal pathologies are major cause of visual impairment and can be partly prevented through periodic check-up and monitoring. Different risk factors like: diabetes, formation of atherosclerosis, bleeding of vessels, retinal angiomatous proliferation, blockage of the retinal circulation due to fat or blood clotting etc. hinder blood flow in retinal circulation by narrowing vessel structures. In retinal neovascularisation, abnormal growth of tiny, leaky blood vessels causes alternative medium of blood flow. Often it may lead to vitreous haemorrhage and neovascular glaucoma, impairing natural pressure relieving mechanisms of eye. Other hand, ROP is becoming a serious concern despite of significant research in neonatology. It is a serious vasoproliferative disorder that affects the retina of premature infants and can manifest to severe conditions like neovascularisation and progress to retinal detachment causing permanent visual impairment.This proposal aims at developing technology for patient comfort centric ocular imaging by translating fundamental scientific discoveries in bio-photonic imaging associated with characteristic response of anterior and posterior chambers of eye at different wavelengths of light illumination into specific clinical interventions which can further provide disease specific quantitative biomarker at cellular and vascular level. Our focus is to develop affordable (low cost), scalable, point-of-care and frugal technological solution to empower existing clinical set-up for ocular imaging in health and pathology. In this project, we aim to develop a hardware-software co-designed portable imaging module with associated computational mechanisms to assist clinicians perform fast and accurate diagnosis of retinal diseases e.g. diabetic retinopathy (DR), glaucoma, retinal neovascularization, retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) etc. Coupled with the special computational hardware device, the imaging module can be used by semi-skilled paramedics working at rural and primary healthcare centers for fast and high-precision screening ofocularconditions in health and pathology.