Applications are invited from Brilliant young candidates for the position of Assistant and Associate Professors at the Centre for Data Science  (Cloud Computing, Financial and Business Data Analytics ,Big Data and Internet of Things).Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences ( Paint and Coating Technology ,Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing ,Photovoltaic system ,Fuel Cell and Battery Technology, Wind and Bio Energy ).Centre for Health Science (Bio Medical Instrumentation , Medical Image Processing, Molecular Human Genetics (Population Genetics).Eligibility as per UGC norms.Apply at  || Best Private Post-graduate Research Institute in Eastern Region of India || JISIASR has bagged the TV9 Bangla Award 2022 under the category of EXCELLENCE FOR RESEARCH & ADVANCED STUDIES
  •  Computer Science and Engineering (specialization in Data Science)
  •  New and Renewable Energy and Applications
  •  Data Science and Cloud Computing (Executive)
  • Medical Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
  • Genetics (specialization in Molecular Genomics)
  • Polymer Science and Technology
  • Chemistry (specialization in Medicinal Chemistry)
  • Chemistry (specialization in Analytical Chemistry)
  • Integrated MS-PhD in Paint and Coating

PhD programs in various research areas corresponding to Data Science, Health Science and Technology, and Interdisciplinary Sciences


JIS Institute of Advanced Studies and Research (JISIASR), Kolkata 
was established in 2019 and is among the top reputed post-graduate institute of its kind. The institute provides various PG, Diploma and PhD courses in the discipline of Engineering and Science. Admission to JISIASR is done on the basis of the last qualifying examination. The institute has the following three centres:

Centre for Data Science

Centre for Health Science and Technology

Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences


Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world


An extraordinary freedom of opportunity—to explore, to collaborate and to challenge yourself
Ajay Kumar Ray
Ajoy Kumar Ray

From Director

JIS Institute of Advanced Studies and Research Kolkata, JIS University started its journey in 2019 with an objective to offer translational research based post-graduate education to nurture young minds ready to face the scientific and technological challenges of 21st Century. The need of the hour is to offer high quality industry-oriented post-graduate and translational research programs in some of the most relevant areas of science and technology in 21st century.

Currently our institute has three centres – Centre for Data Science, Centre for Health Science and Technology, and Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences. While the three centres intimately collaborate with each other, the institute as a whole aim to work closely with the industries and R&D Laboratories across the country and also at the global level. The experts from the industries and academia participate both in teaching and research programs in the Institute.  The following courses are being offered now from JISIASR Kolkata,

(i) 2 Year MTech in Computer Science and Engineering with Specialisation in Data Science

(ii) 3 Year MTech (Executive) in Data Science

(iii) MSc in Medical Biotechnology and Bioinformatics


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