Centre For Renewable & Sustainable Energy Studies

WHY Centre For Renewable & Sustainable Energy Studies

Energy is one of the most essential commodities in the world. Due to global climate change, fossil fuel energy is in a critical transition from conventional to clean and renewable energy. Keeping in pace with the rest of the world, Government of India has taken several initiatives to enhance the share of renewable energy to the total energy generation capacity of India.

This venture requires enormous skilled-manpower to power the earth by clean and green energy. The specific goal of the centre is to create suitable human resource to establish a carbon-optimised economy.

Innovative research is being actively pursued all over the world in the fundamental science behind these and other novel application areas to enhance the scope of the utilization of green energy. The next step is to make the attempts sustainable to create a circular economy by recycling technologies in the areas of energy, transportation and other relevant areas.

The aim and objective of this centre is thus to provide quality education to budding minds as also the working professionals to cope up with the present need of energy and transportation market. Along with this, adequate standard research will also be carried out to serve the requirements of the industries.


M. Tech. in Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Technology

Duration: 2 Years