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With the aim to sow seeds of new age experts in the field of medical biotechnology, molecular microbiology, computational biology and bioinformatics, CHeST – JISIASR Kolkata brings in job-oriented translational research-based post-graduate programs which will make the students ready to contribute to the data-driven discoveries in life sciences, an obvious need in this era of omics technologies and exponential growth of high-throughput data. 


“In many of my projects, I have applied whole genome sequence based approach, and that’s how I have taken a genuine interest in collaborating with JIS Institute of Advanced Studies and Research Kolkata, a growing institute aimed to be a centre of excellence in the near future.”

– Anuradha Ghosh, PhD, Associate Professor, Pittsburg State University, Kansas, USA


M.Sc In Medical Biotechnology And Bioinformatics


Why These Courses ?

The call of technological expertise in both academic and industry sectors of health science can only be ever-increasing. There is a continuous need for biotechnological developments, especially for direct medical applications. Simultaneously, the advent of newer technologies asks for powerful bioinformatic solutions on how to extract, tackle, analyze and visualize the biologically meaningful data for subsequent research and industrial applications. This scenario puts qualified bioinformatics professionals, especially the ones with expertise in analyzing medical biotechnology data, in high demand for top-salary jobs worldwide.

“The Masters program in Medical Biotechnology and Bioinformatics will make the students ready to contribute their knowledge and skills towards the development of molecular diagnostic devices, drugs, vaccines, procedures and systems to solve the health problems and improve the quality of lives.”

Sampa Pal, PhD, Senior Scientific Program Officer, Diagnostic, PATH, USA
Biotechnology Industries

Biotechnology Industries

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical Industries

Hospitals and Clinics

Bioinformatics Data Analysis

Bioinformatics Data Analysis


Academic Research Labs

The call of the 21st century is to jump into the interdisciplinary courses, like the one that combines Medical Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. If one has a sound grasp on this interdisciplinary subject, one would be at the frontier of knowledge

Subhasish Mukherjee, PhD, Retired Professor, University of Calcutta, India

As we collaborate with many academic and industry professionals from premiere institutes across the globe, the in-house strong pool of faculty members will be optimally complemented by collaborating renowned members from academia and industries for offering classes to our students.

I am very proud that both Sujay and Sandip, who are now my collaborators, are jointly part of a great educational initiative back in their hometown Kolkata. The Centre for Health Science & Technology at JISIASR is a fantastic institution. I wish you all the success for this wonderful initiative and would love to remain connected to you

Evgeni V Sokurenko, MD PhD, Professor, Department of Microbiology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA, and Founder, ID Genomics, SPC, Seattle, USA

In-house Facilities

It is enriched with advanced molecular genomics, biotechnology and bioinformatics laboratories with avant-garde equipment like: Illumina MiSeq · TapeStation · RT-PCR · UV spectrophotometer · Fluorescence Spectrometer · Cold Centrifuge etc. with computational clusters (DELL PowerEdge rack-servers, NVIDIA GPUs and fast processing units to achieve increased throughput for large biological data)

Molecular Genomics Core Facilities

DNA Sequncing

RNA Sequncing

Computational Services

“I deeply appreciate your efforts to put this program together – more relevant than ever.”