Student Credit Card

Student Credit Card Scheme at JISIASR under JIS University

JIS University accepts the West Bengal Government’s Student Credit Card.
To know more about how to avail the student credit card scheme with JIS University, call +91 9674097047.
JIS University is an empanelled member and all students enrolled in the university are eligible to apply for the West Bengal government Student Credit Card scheme through us. As you receive your Selection Letter, you will also receive a Payment Receipt to confirm admission. You can book you place at the university by paying this fee and simultaneously make the application for the Student Credit Card loan through us.
The actual loan application process will take place on the dedicated website launched by the Government of West Bengal. But we will be happy to guide you through every step of the process. You can clear the rest of the fee for the remaining semesters of study using from the funds received from the Student Credit Card scheme.

The Student Credit Card Scheme has the provision for students to use part of the funds towards paying for their hostel and fooding expenses. While there is a cap on the amount of funds that can be used, students opting to study at JISIASR under JIS University can be assured that our hostel and food expenses can be covered completely within the given cap.