A SRF post is opening for SERB, India funded project

Title of the Project: Project titled “Stimulating Paramagnetic (T1-Weighted) GO-Polymeric Hybrid Material as Multimodal Theranostic for Tumor Hypoxia- A clinically Viable Study “.

Project Code: CRG/2019/002068

Starting date: From March 2022

Duration: Initial appointment for one month, and it will continue until the end of February 2023 depending on the new sanction order for the financial year 2022-23.

Salary: As per SERB norms

Required qualification: MSc. in Organic Chemistry, with two years research experience and publication in a reputed journal.

He/She has to work under supervision of Dr. Sankarprasad Bhuniya

Send you CV directly to spbhuniya@jisiasr.org