Prabir Ckakraborty


Department: Centre for Health Science & Technology

JIS Institute of Advanced Studies & research

HC9M+5F2 ARC Water front(N/AC, Ring Rd, GP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

Adjunct Professor (Honorary)

Principal Program Manager
Calico Life Sciences, San Francisco, CA, USA

Dr. Prabir Chakraborty is a Senior Management Professional working in the Project Management department directing First-in-Class Drug Development programs at Google’s Calico Labs. Before joining Google, Dr. Chakraborty worked in a senior management role for Research Strategic Operations at Gilead Sciences (CA, USA) where he planned and executed various CAR-T pipeline development in both solid and heme tumors. Dr. Chakraborty has been a seasoned research and corporate strategists in the biotechnology industry. He has patents pertaining to immunooncology assets that have paved way to clinical trials.

Dr. Chakraborty came to Gilead Sciences from Arch Oncology, where he led immuno-oncology programs targeting CD47 in both solid and hematological cancers. He was involved in managing IND enabling studies, translational research and new pipeline development. Prior to that, Dr. Chakraborty was a Research Assistant Professor at Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma focusing on ovarian and pancreatic cancer research. Dr. Chakraborty received his PhD from Jadavpur University, targeting signaling pathways as a combinatorial therapy for chronic myelogenous leukemia and conducted his post-doctoral research at the University of Florida on novel GPCR targets in prostate cancer.