Graphene, the two-dimensional (2D) nano-allotropes of carbon consisting of single-layer of sp2 carbon atoms have drawn tremendous attention in academic as well as industrial R & D in last more than one decade or so; due to its’ unique properties such as high surface area, excellent electrical conductivity, superior thermal & mechanical strength and related properties. Interestingly, in recent days assembly of 2D graphene sheets into high-surface area hollow spheres has drawn again significant attraction of this wonder material due to its’ potential eligibility in the broader application areas ranging from catalyst support to drug-delivery and specially major emphasis in the field of energy storage where fabricating electrode materials with graphene for energy storage devices such as super capacitors and batteries has become a major thrust in this research area and great amount of attentions have been employed in this particular research field is also on the possibility of assembly of 2D graphene sheets into hollow spheres for developing core/shell structure composites also for this particular applications. In this proposed research plan; micro-structural, functional aspects as well as potential usage of these Graphene-based composite materials in energy storage devices will be explored in great details.