Invited Lecture by Dr. Urmimala Maitra

Invited Lecture by Dr. Urmimala Maitra; (Assistant Professor of School of Materials Sciences at Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sciences, Kolkata) at JISIASR, Saltlake, Kolkata from 3:30 P. M on 21.09.2023

Bacterial cellulose Extraction as a source of Bioplastic:

Our research group has already extracted bacterial cellulose film (in its pure form) from the A. Xylinus culture as shown in the following Scheme 1. This can serve as potential solution to global plastic waste by proposing an alternative way to make green bioplastic for multiple uses.

3D bioprinting for artificial skin/ organ using tissue engineering

In this project (funded by SERB), the fabrication of structurally modified scaffold with biocompatible polymer materials such as chitosan, cellulose, and hyaluronic acid iselectrospunfollowed by bioprintedto guide cell polarization and migration, through which epidermal wound healing may get accelerated. This technology may open up a new possibilities for artificial organ/ skin printing.

Smart Sensors & Advanced Materials:

A summary of the targeted research in the “Sensors & Materials Laboratory” is shown in the below diagram by mentioning the associated ongoing researches. It covered the basic research on biosensing and bioimaging through the development of 1) Fluorescent Sensors/Probes for Biosensing, and 2) Fluorescent Materials for Bioimaging. Those basic researches on sensing and imaging […]

Designing Novel Therapeutic Agents for Amyloid Aggregation Process & Novel Nanoparticulate Systems for Drug Delivery

Protein fibrillation, which has caused a number of diseases and is a hindrance to the biopharmaceutics and protein industries, has emerged as one of the significant issues in the biomedical sector over the past few decades.  Numerous substances, including flavonoids, surfactants, nanoparticles, and micelles, have been widely used as hopeful therapeutic agents to treat amyloidogenic […]


Assistant Professor
Ph.D: Department Of Computer Science And Technology, IIEST Shibpur, India


Invited Lecture by Dr. Anirban Samanta

“Invited Lecture by Dr. Anirban Samanta, (Assistant Professor) of Department of Chemistry; Ramakrishna Mission  Vidyamandira,Belur, Howrah at JISIASR, Saltlake, Kolkata from 2:30 P. M”